Be careful no matter what; pray all the time, thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live.
1st Thess. 5:16-18 (message)

The thank you habit is one of the best habits that you can form. Think for a moment – Did you ever regret a “thank you” received from anybody? Did it ever make you feel mean, dissatisfied, out of sorts? Has it ever brought to you a feeling of remorse for service rendered? Alright then – get the thank habit.

It is not enough to express in mere words your feeling of thankfulness. Your disposition should also reflect your thankfulness. Once you get the habit thoroughly you will live it unconsciously. Thankful men and women show in their very eyes and attitude that they have the habit. It Is the most “showy” quality possible and It’s contagious too.
When you meet an impatient person who performs some service for you, a thank you from you to him would make him become more humame in rendering service.

Thankfulness acts like a powerful stimulant both on you and upon other people. It transforms. All days are cheerful and bright, all people are high spirited and all happenings are for the best to the one who has thoroughly mastered the “thank habit”
Always learn to give thanks. Get it by intentionally acknowledging a service with a thank you. If your clerk, or waiter, or secretary, or partner, or friend does a service, no matter how small, hand over the thanks freely, with a broad, healthy smile. It’s a great investment. The dividends simply roll back to you.
Above all, thanksgiving to God expressed in words, song, dance, and worship should become a lifestyle. Despite all we have been through and are currently passing through, God has indeed been faithful to us. We should thank Him for the gift of life and for each day He gives.
Get the thank habit and start practicing it now!

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