Genesis 1:26-28 emphasizes that if God ever wants to see what he looks like, he would not need a mirror, he would only have to look at you; not the angels nor the animals. If you look like God, it is also taken for granted that you should act like God and talk like God. The reason why you are a man or woman as the case may be is because you were born like that. A tree does not pray to become a tree, it exhibits its nature.
Righteousness is not a state of spiritual development that you would have to try to get to; it is not a conduct but a nature (2cor 5:21). When you give your life to Christ, you are given a nature or an identity called Righteousness while those in the world possess the nature/identity called Wickedness.
What did you do to become a sinner?
YOU DID NOTHING!!! When Adam sinned everyone fell when he fell, the nature of Righteousness left him and the nature of Wickedness was locked into him. Every other person born in the likeness of Adam, was born with that nature of wickedness. You don’t struggle to try not to sin; you don’t obey God by your strength, God knew that to make you to obey him by your strength will be to kill you so he put a nature inside of you that will make you want to do it; a nature called Righteousness.
You become Righteous by accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Righteousness means right standing with God; ability to stand before the Father without a sense of inferiority, fear and unquestionable confidence. Righteousness gives you boldness to confront evil spirits, circumstances; it makes you to reign in life.
Jesus was fully God and fully man, just like you are fully God and fully man. The original translation of Psalm 50:8 says “…he made him a little lower than Elohim…” Elohim is the name of God which means ‘Two Lords’, it is a plural word for Lords; Master and Lord. The first master is God and the second master is you. There are two masters that rule the Earth, God and You; he put you on Earth to reign in every aspect of life.
It is totally illegal for me not reign over my circumstances and situations; how?
The reason why God created you to be like him; he wants to show off with you and Satan thinks that as long as you have problems, you will not be loyal to God. God brought us here to behave like him. You understand a man’s character by what he says and what he does. Everything God wanted to have, he said it first. You must understand that in Righteousness, you must continue to declare with your mouth who you are. In Romans 3, God declared you righteous by faith; not by what you do. It is that he created you in his nature and his nature is righteousness. Being created in his nature, you must now begin to act like Daddy; that’s what he means by identity. Your identity does not start by DOING, your identity starts by BEING. Psalm 82:1 clearly emphasizes that we are the ‘mighties’ referred to in the scripture. The first God is God almighty, the second is god mighty which is You. But yourcircumstances and situations do not look like you are God, because you see yourself doing bad stuff. God does not call you god because of your CONDUCT but because of your NATURE.
A man’s child is the man. John 10:30 The Jews understand that if you call yourself the son of God, it means you are God for the son of a man carries the man’s nature; his attribute and character. We have not being bible thought but religiously brainwashed thus, make the concept of having the nature of God difficult to comprehend and accept.You and the Father are one. Because you are sons,God has sent the Spirit of his Son; what makes you who you are is the Spirit you carry. Your body is the jacket used to carry your Spirit, once your spirit leaves that, it goes. The same Spirit that is resident in the Father and Son is also resident inside of you. Then what you need to do is to go through a learning process; to renew your mind for you mind to accept your new identity. Most importantly,you need to restructure your believe system to become one with scriptures; such that your opinion concerning issues is by default as is in the scripture. When this happens, your spirit and your body will line up and they will begin to see your dominion mandate on Earth. God doesn’t want you to rule in Heaven, he wants you to rule on Earth; to take authority on Earth. God kept you here to do on Earth, what he is doing in Heaven and he left a connection between you and him to be able to achieve that.
How come Jesus had unquestionable confidence that he would speak to bones; speak to the dead? The answer is this; he knew that as the Son of God, he had the same authority that his Father had. Remember that if you are sin conscious, you will always feel inferior. Jesus was not sin conscious but righteousness conscious and because of that, he had unquestionable confidence that if he says anything, the Father will endorse it. For your mind to accept that this is your identity, you need to adopt righteousness consciousness. If you will go up and stand out, it is only by revelation.

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