Strategic means well-positioned, planned, and proper presentation.

You can’t plan your life the way our government plan Nigeria.

Sit down; identify the problems of the business before you can direct the needed prayers to solve the problems.

Anything you’re doing is business.

Business is a calling not a career.

A career is what you are doing for money. A calling is what God designed you perfectly for.

God has designed us perfectly for ministry. A ministry is our service to God and human beings.

There are 2 places you do ministry; you do ministry for those who don’t know God (the unbelievers or unchurched) and those who know God (believers).

For you to be able to do ministry well, you must be able to pray in faith.

God is only excited when I operate in obedience. For me to operate in obedience, I need revelations. For you to do your ministry well; which is your business, you need revelation.

If you are in your area of calling, it will take time but it will last.

Are you in your area of business because you got it by revelation or your family thought it was a good idea, or make good money?

None of these will allow you to build your business on strategic prayers except revelation.

If you have a business, it must have a strong prayer base for it to be sustained. And if you got it by revelation it means you can operate by faith.

The bible says “without faith no man can please God.”

It is only when you stand on faith that you can operate by revelation.

You must understand that you are a priest and if you are a priest, your business is your calling.

In your business, you are there as a priest. If you sell in a market, you are a priest not because any church ordained you but by destiny.

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