Cure For Desert Places Conference

The Cure for Desert Places Conference normally ushers us into our spiritual year in Firm Foundation. The Conference addresses the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of our family, and positions us for what God wants to do through our family for the coming year.

Testimonies of God’s goodness usually trail this spiritual gathering (before, during and after the conference). The worship and teaching times during the conference shifts us into higher dimensions spiritual, relational, mental, and physically. This conference is geared towards activating our family to live the supernatural lifestyle normal and also delivering Kingdom principles in a practical way so we can bring transformation and reformation to any sphere of influence they are called to. Our children and teenagers are included in this whole process.

This conference is also geared towards imparting into our family what people are supposed to receive in the context of a family and they are:

  • Identity
  • Purpose
  • Destiny
  • An awareness of unlimited resources.

We believe that God is releasing this word over us to activate what He had in mind for us before we were created. This word would make us carry the Kingdom He has planted in us to the various spheres of influence He is sending us to, so that we can plant the Kingdom there to the glory of our King.


This Conference has two main sessions daily (Morning Session, 6:30am and Evening Session 4pm). There will also be a break-out session (9am daily) to activate and deliver kingdom principles practically to people God is sending to the eight spheres of influence of modern society. These spheres of influence are:

Spiritual/Social (Belief)






Science & Technology

Culture & Entertainment

We believe that everyone craves a purpose-filled life and each person’s unique purpose contributes to advancing the Kingdom of God. No matter where you are today or what you have been through in life, God is not through or finished with your story. Some of the greatest people in Scriptures were powerfully used by God when everyone had written them off, maybe because they were too young, too damaged, or too old. God has not finished with them and neither is He finished with you. There is a reason why you showed up in history during this season of your life. This breakout session will reveal people’s identity and purpose which will ignite passion in them.