Honor is a word that can be interpreted in different ways to different people. More so, honor has also lost its true power because of the way people think honor is. When you live in the part of the world where I come from, you can perceive our rich culture of respect of one’s elders as all honor is; it is part of it, but not all of it. In the kingdom of heaven, honor is not only received by those in authority or in leadership positions, but honor is also given to people who are been led and even people who ordinarily do not deserve it. Honor is recognizing and releasing the glory of God that is in another person. The glory of God in your life is not an intangible thing. It is all-encompassing, like a mixture, of your personality, abilities, talents, and gifts. And may I add this: the glory of God is not just on believers but non-believers as well. The same glory. This may come as a shock to you, but it is true. How would you respond to someone who tells you that he doesn’t believe there is a God, or that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? We may not be able to release a prophetic word into that person’s life because we may [unconsciously] believe that they do not deserve one. Just like Apostle Peter had his doubts about the “unclean animals,” we may also frown at unbelievers and actually think that mingling with them is a sin.

I believe that anything we did not see in the life of Jesus should be questionable. I have read through the Gospels over and over again and never saw when Jesus treated anyone in a dishonorable manner, even to those who didn’t treat Him honorably. Although the enemy likes going after people’ gifts to destroy and pervert it, Jesus always sought to see people the way heaven saw them and brought out the gold in them. One day Jesus was on the way to Jericho when he encountered Zacchaeus, a short man who had to climb a sycamore to be able to see Jesus. Jesus stopped in His tracks and attended to Zacchaeus. Everyone knew that he was a corrupt government official, and I’m sure a lot of people would have been shocked that Jesus would invite Himself to have supper with this hideous man.

Even in our culture, it is not normal for us to honor criminals. Some of us would even choose to burn them alive for crimes they have committed. We would rather honor those who are honorable, but that is not what honor really is. As we have already discussed, honor is recognizing and releasing the glory of God that is in another person, people’s true gifts can come out when we honor them. Even when the behavior is abysmal, we treat them according to their prophetic destiny, because we are honorable.

Something remarkable happened the day Jesus went to have dinner with Zacchaeus whom everyone had previously branded as a sinner and unrighteous. There was financial revival in that city because Zacchaeus repaid everyone he had wrongfully taxed and owed four times over! No sermon was preached to him; all Jesus had to do was to treat him honorably and recognizing the gold beneath the dirt was revealing. We can see even greater dimensions of revival if we do same in our cities and begin to release the prophetic destiny of the politicians, businesspeople, judges, lawyers, doctors, clerks, cleaners, students and indeed everyone!