How Do You Build Capacity?


The question is; how do you build capacity?
The bible talks about Joshua. Before Moses his master left, Joshua was an ordinary servant. After his master had gone, he was about to undertook a task he has never done before in his entire life. But God said to him, “do not fear; be courageous.” At any point in time when you want to attempt something great for God, the first thing that will attack your mind is fear. I’m not telling you not to feel fear but you have to resist it.
Here’s how you build capacity. This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth. Put it inside your heart from your ear, mouth. Do it over and over again. It is this process of repetition that builds your capacity for resistance.
Hearing the word of God doesn’t build faith. It builds capacity for faith. It’s like going to the gym to build your muscles. You have to exercise your faith by taking practical actions so you can work against fear.
Again and again, that you’re a child of God doesn’t mean your lecturer in the university won’t harass you sexually. That you’re trying your best to follow the ways of God doesn’t mean women or men wont harass you. You’re trying to be a good boy doesn’t mean people in business won’t try to lure you to take short cuts and sharp practices. I want you to understand that these things are very normal.
You must take practical actions to make sure that you chase fear out of your life. Fear is not your friend.
In the story of Job, I noticed that the bible says he was a very honest man. Do you know that being Godly doesn’t mean you’re the only godly person in your place of work? It also means that you’re the only one in your place of work who wants to uphold integrity.
Let me tell you, don’t be afraid to be good in so bad a place. Don’t be afraid if you’re the only one speaking kingdom language. Don’t slide to the right or the left.

Why do we hover between two opinions?
If you stay around people and the worst of them come out around you, make sure the worst of you doesn’t come out. Don’t allow the feelings of others to sabotage your emotions. Because someone is keeping malice with you doesn’t mean you should also keep malice with him or her. Decide not to hate people because they hate you. Allow the fear of the lord governs the affairs of your heart. There must be a Noah in a country where everybody is speaking there is no need to have integrity and obey God.
Here’s what God said in Romans 8: 35-39 “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril? Yet in all these, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I’m persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels or principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come not height nor depth nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our lord”
That you’re going to have a test doesn’t mean you’ll fall in the test. This is a decided battle. You were called victorious before the battle started.
The bible already says they will gather. So people gathering against you is no news or strange or abnormal.
The more you perpetuate the agenda of the wicked the more you put fear in the hearts of the people. I want you to know that you’re more than a conqueror. You’ve been called a winner and heaven has announced your name.
From the life of Job I also noticed that honest is the best policy. If you allow it to enter your conscience it will solve so many problems.
Let me ask you. What determines your life decision? What determines the decision you have to take when it has to do with your business or with choosing a life partner?
Is it fear or faith?
When you’re afraid of sickness, you aren’t really afraid of sickness. What you’re afraid of is the word that says “by His stripes you’re healed” you’re afraid that it won’t come to pass. When you’re afraid of lack, what you’re actually afraid of is “the lord will supply all my needs according to his riches in glory.” That is the root that’s being attacked. It isn’t just the symptoms you see in your heart; it is the integrity of God’s word.
My friend, what makes you afraid?
Why did you marry the person you married? Was the decision out of fear or faith?

A lot of times ladies aren’t able to find viable partners to marry because some men are totally crazy altogether.
Because we’re believers we must create healthy boundaries so we don’t work in fear. We must have core values that determine what we do and don’t do; the kind of food we eat etc.
Don’t allow other people’s behavior control your sanity.
Understand that humble or great beginning will isolate you from trials and tribulations. When I looked at the life of Job, I felt he was so secured and has so much wealth. But I came to discovered that a lot of us have put our hope and trust on things that don’t have permanent value. Many of us give a first class course to second class issues. Being wealthy is not immunity to trails and test. The rich also cry. The reason why many of us panic when we hear that there’s economic crisis is because our trust is not in God. Our trust is in our connection.
Our society is messy because people don’t pack up their mess. My friend, connection is not immunity to trail, temptation and test.
Fear will make you put your trust and entire heart on the things that perish. Fear will make you think that your entire life depends on what you have. And the bible says the life of a man doesn’t consist in the abundance of things you have.
Listen, your true asset isn’t your car, house, landed property. You true asset is something that is inside you. Why? Because something can happen to your car. The bible says money has wings and it can fly.
I want you to get to a point where the source of your life is not your salary. If the salary doesn’t come at the end of the month, if you aren’t careful, you will curse God.
You must come to a point where you tell yourself, I stand or sink God is my entire source the God will provide alternative means of solving the same problems you have.
I’ve also discovered that truly serving God does bring great wealth and riches to those who are contented with what they have.
Job was the most influential man in the whole of the earth, how come with a lot of influence was still devoted to God? This is the part of our lives we need to clarify. The bible says, serve the lord your God and he will bless your bread and water. He will take away sickness of the mixed of thy. There shall be no miscarriage or barrenness in your land and you will live out the full quarter of your age.
The bible says, godliness with contentment is a great gain. It is not just serving God but serving him in spirit and in truth. Don’t serve God because you want to use him. Serve him because you love him. The reason for which we were born is to worship and give him all glory no matter how great or influential you become let your deepest priority be that you will serve him with you life.  

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