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Welcome to our Unbound (Soulcare and transformation) ministry.

You are about to go through a balanced and acceptable process for inner healing. This program will equip participants with the understanding and spiritual tools necessary to become effective and efficient people who relate with other members of the society in a healthy manner. Human beings are wired for love. Whatever makes us live in a habitat of wickedness, deception or act under a feigned part or even jealousy makes us unhealthy.

Our Soulcare and Transformation Ministry is based on what Scripture says about who you are, several circumstances and events that took place in your life can cause you to question the critical foundation of your identity, and this in turn will affect the 12 gates of your soul which is the key to total life transformation.

This ministration will bring the Gospel to those parts of a believer’s heart that have not yet fully believed and cooperated with Christ. Many Christians cannot live the Gospel because they have believed only with the mind. Their faith has not yet totally conquered their hearts. The work of soul care Transformation is to reach the tardy hearts of born-anew Christians with the good news of salvation.

The drama of life can leave you dazed and full of doubts about your identity. Knowing this truth and being able to use it to exchange the lies that has affected other areas of your life is the meaning of wholeness and freedom. You can never truly be free from hurt in your life, until you see who you were created to be.

At the end of this program, stronger healthy beliefs and undeniable inward transformation will be your reward through this journey. You will also have a stronger passionate desire for a deeper relational knowledge of Christ as you go through this program, many things will revealed to you including your blind spots. Real answers, freedom and wisdom is available here. At the end of this session, you are freer to love, more at peace and better able to interact with others in a loving way.

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Welcome to Firm Foundation Int’l

Firm Foundation offers counter-culture, contemporary, practical messages that are alive with energy and creativity, as well as excellent childcare, exciting children’s and youth ministries and dynamic small groups.

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In our relationship with God, our family, our friends, and our world … it’s where new heights begin.

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