Welcome to Spiritual Development Directorate

At Firm Foundation, a life development center and a factory where leaders are developed and deployed into the seven mountains of society to cause a global transformation. Our mission is to make people know the Person and power of the Holy Spirit by a definite experience, build healthy relationships and raise leaders for global transformation.

We provide answers on how spiritual growth happens and a process on how to mature in Christ. Our faith begins with the first step of encountering Christ and continues with series of other steps for those who are looking for growth in their faith.

We have groups, classes, and workshops designed to meet the different ways that people learn and grow in their faith. The processes below are various ways in which we systematically turn members into committed, matured believers.

We believe that spiritual growth:

Begins with commitment,

is a gradual process,

involves developing habits,

is stimulated by relationships, and

Requires participation in all five purposes and twelve cultures of our church.


Strategies for Growth


Have an Emotional and Spiritual Healthy Church

In order to have an emotionally and spiritually healthy church, all intending members are taken through an initial inner healing and deliverance session to address the deep seated issues that continue to repeat itself, a process that aids the transformation of the mind in order to bring godly order into our lives as well as undermine the strongholds of the enemy  that makes it difficult for us to encounter the father’s love and grow strong in Christ.


Every intending member of Firm Foundation has to go through this class. Upon completion of the classes and ministry session, intending members and new believers are now qualified to attend the 3 weeks discovering your Church family course in Firm Development Academy (FDA).

All our new members go through this academy, we then take the inner healing and deliverance workshop sessions.


After Care

There is an ongoing mutual support system to help individuals maintain their recovery. This is a volunteer-run initiative by people who have passed through the recovery programme successfully and are willing and trained to offer support to others. These groups naturally span between 3-6 people.


There are  also various other sessions packaged as the need may be, to help build strong positive relationships and support systems as safety nets to prevent future relapse

Our volunteers are offered regular training, supervision and support to keep them providing appropriate level of mutual support.


Raising the Level of Commitment

The administration of this shall be done with the help of the core who must be involved in the process for a more targeted approach.

How do we get people to commit to a process of spiritual growth?


We begin by asking the people for commitment. For every habit we want our maturing members to have our habits (the habit of time with God’s Word, the habit of prayer, the habit of tithing, and the habit of fellowship), we will confidently and clearly explain the process and benefits to enable them start the process of commitment.


We are specific in asking for commitment

We take time in our services, communication channels (Social media, email, phone SMS) to explain clearly what the people need to mature and the benefits thereof




We help people develop spiritual growth habits


The ‘Discovering Spiritual Maturity’ course offered in Firm Development Academy gives you an insight on the practical steps of how to start and maintain the  habits of spiritual maturity.


At the end of this Level, successful participants signs a spiritual maturity covenant form. The purpose is to get people started on this journey and it is renewed yearly.



Discovering Spiritual Maturity Class

200 Level, “Discovering Spiritual Maturity” focuses on how to establish four basic habits of a disciple: the habit of time with God’s Word, the habit of prayer, the habit of tithing, and the habit of fellowship. We also learn how to imbibe the cultures of the word and revealed truth, generosity, hosting God’s presence and risk and faith.


We intentionally equip new members who have dissatisfied the conditions of the Foundation course on “Discovering my Church Family”, with the necessary skills for spiritual maturity and ensure that they have a coach who will walk through with them. The class covers amongst others the practical steps to starting and maintaining other habits.


Do people come out of 200 Level as mature Christians? Of course not. That’s why it’s called “Discovering Spiritual Maturity.” The purpose is to get people started on the journey. They leave committed to the process and to the basic habits that are necessary for growth.


Spiritual Health Assessment


We have put together a very useful tool that can help our members get a sense of where they are strong on their faith journey, where they are spiritually healthy, and where they need to spend some time exercising, growing, and getting stronger. The Spiritual Health Assessment plan helps in selecting the right next steps to take. It will also help the church leadership know where and how to structure their messages and teaching series.


We recommend that maturing believers take this assessment at least twice yearly.


Appendix A shows a sample of the Spiritual Health Assessment.


Build a Balanced Kingdom Training System


We program everything with the five measurements of spiritual growth: knowledge, perspective, conviction, skills, and character. These five levels of learning are the building blocks of spiritual maturity.


Knowledge (Spiritual growth curricula, books, etc.)

Courses on how to study and meditate on the Word of God.

Kingdom theology.

Firm development Academy.

Perspective (Seeing life from God’s point of view)

RESET (that deals with identity and the heart of the Father)


Conviction (At Firm Foundation, we teach biblical convictions in every program, class, seminar, and message but conviction is caught as much as it is taught.)


Skills (The “how-to steps” of spiritual growth)

Bible study skills, ministry skills, leadership skills, witnessing skills, relational skills, time management skills, and many others.

Financial Complete Wholeness.

Inner Healing and Transformation, etc.


Character (The ultimate goal of all Kingdom training)


Below are five questions we ask about our Kingdom training schools:


Are people learning the content and meaning of the Bible?

Are people seeing themselves, life, and other people more clearly from God’s perspective?

Are people’s values becoming more aligned with God’s values?

Are people becoming more skilled in serving God?

Are people becoming more like Christ?









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