Assimilation and family development is one of the 5 purposes of our church family. Our ultimate goal is to raise people who are committed to Christ and to one another. It comprises of 2 major headings namely Assimilation and Life Group System.


To translate first time guests into full and active members of our church by incorporating them in a loving family (life group) that serves as a support group for  them as well as disciple them(FDA) in our 12 cultures.

This process takes people (Henry & Henrietta) from First Time Guests (crowd) to Members (congregation) managed by the follow up team and life group leaders. It entails receiving first time guests, collating and processing their data, making follow up calls, text messages and paying visits to them through life group. It culminates in plugging them into a life group for deeper family connection.




  1. Life Group System

What is a Life group?                         

It is a small group of people that do life together and express our culture of family at a deeper or more intimate level and affect their community with the kingdom message. It is the engine room through which family development is done. Each life group is lead by a life group leader and the champions supervise by an Area Pastor.

  • Life group is not an addendum; it is the HEARTBEAT of our church family.
  • We are not a church with life groups; we are A CHURCH OF LIFE GROUPS


Kinds of Life group

Our Life groups are usually built around the geographical locations, different purposes, age groups, interests, career, etc.

  1. Common calendar- based on meeting days
  2. Common concerns- based on related needs,
  3. Spheres small groups- same profession, interests,

What is a Viable or healthy life group?

It is a Life group that has representation from a minimum of 2-3 families . It could be started with 2 persons and above and grow till it is sub grouped and matures into another life group

  • Life group should consist of at least 5 adults from different families Except where its a teenagers or children life group.
  • Members should find family and intimacy in a healthy Life group. They meet and do life together
  • They fulfill the great commandment and the great commission by reaching out to their neighborhood with the message of the kingdom .
  • Ensuring that the five purposes are functional.

Process of Assimilation into Life Group?

  1. Process first time guests who indicated interest in becoming members of our church and identify old members and worshippers who do not belong to a life group and organise them into various Areas based on addresses given or information supplied
  2. Plug them into life groups through the Area Pastors and life group leaders by sending in their details and following up to ensure they attend and become actively involved members of the life group
  3. Identify and process members who have not attended FDA to attend.
  4. Monitor and evaluate the life groups periodically to ascertain their functionality and confirm that the members were properly assimilated into the life groups.

life groups are the most effective way of closing the back door of our church. We never worry about losing people who are connected to a life group. We know that those people have been effectively assimilated.


To achieve commitment to one another at a deeper level requires frequency .

“They committed themselves to the

Teaching of the apostles, the life together,

the common meal and the prayers.”
Acts 2:42 (Message)


Benefits of Belonging to a Life Group

  • You get pastoral care
  • For stronger connection among the family
  • For mission and evangelism.
  • Bible reading and studies.
  • Discovery your gift.



  1. Firm Development Accademy (FDA)

It is a school where we take members through our cultures, belief systems and values to enable them imbibe it and function effectively in our structure. It runs from 100 level to 400 level though the membership directorate is responsible for administering the 100 level school and following through to ensure the students graduate.


  • Love and Life( Marriage School)

To build a healthy society requires raising a healthy and robust family. Our marriage school is targeted at raising godly families through strong teachings, prayers and mentorship. We have sound facilitators who apply both theoretical and practical life experiences to impart our students. The school operates in 3 parts namely- pre-marital class for those dating, Marriage class for intending couples and post marriage conclaves for those already married to sustain our culture of family.

To stop bad marriages and strengthening the Godly family, our Men (MOH) , Women(WCE) and yet to be married sister {SSS} holds quarterly training with the lead pastors

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