At Firm Foundation we believe that ministry means to serve and every Christian have been SHAPEd for ministry. The way we achieve this is through continuous trainings and evaluations of our leaders. We provide training through the Firm Development Academy (FDA), monthly Firm Advanced Leader trainings, quarterly Fresh Impact meetings, the Adullam school of Supernatural Reformation and Transformation (ASSRT), retreats etc. We perform our evaluation through the Ministry Transformation and Development Centre (MTDC). The MTDC is a service centre for the whole workforce of our church.
Firm Foundation Ministry Process: Purpose
The purpose of the Ministry process of Firm Foundation is not just to motivate people for first time service but mobilizing them for a lifetime of service (servanthood). The Ministry system is one that affects every other system in Firm Foundation. As this is the system that produces the human resources that runs every other system.
What We Believe About Ministry
In Firm Foundation we believe:
• Ministry means to serve. Letting the people understand that ministry simply means service.
• Putting others needs before yours Matthew 28:20
• Helping people become like CHRIST (Romans 8:28-29) and teach them to learn to be like Christ
• If people are not serving then they are not truly worshiping as serving opens people’s hearts to God
• People do not need to be ‘all grown’ before they are mobilized into service
• The pastors and ministers role is to equip people for ministry
• Service brings ownership

How We Mobilize People for Service
• In Firm Foundation, we believe everyone is a good (10 over 10) in his or her own field. Everyone has gifts, passion, abilities, experiences they have gone through and even personalities that give them an edge to serve in a particular place.
• We also believe we all have a Primary Assignment (where we are best suited to serve based on our gifting) and a Secondary assignment (Anywhere our service is needed)
• Every Believer also has a Ministry Field and a missions Field
We mobilize members into service through the FDA process. Ensuring members go through the FDA is an important and compulsory process in Firm Foundation. This process helps members to understand what Firm Foundation is all about, why we do what we do and why it is important to serve. This process involves the Membership, Maturity, Ministry and Missions class. After the Ministry class the members go through a ‘Profiling’ process after which they find help in determining the best place to serve according to their gifting (Primary Assignment).
‘The Profiling’
This involves members taking the Ministry class, filling the SHAPE form (SHAPE is an acronym for Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences). And then meeting with a profile officer. The profile officer with the help of what the member fills determines an area were the member can best serve.
Teams Currently Available in Firm Foundation International
Firm foundation Ministry is divided into 5 directorates
• MAGNIFICATION (Eagle Heights Choir, Creative Arts team, Creative Minds- drama team and Decoration)
• MEMBERSHIP (Assimilation team, Follow up)
• MATURITY (Facilitators (teachers), After care coaches, Bible team, Transcribers, Writers and Editors)
• MINISTRY (KFFC- cleaning team, Hospitality, Change force –prayer team, Security, Testimony documentation and Children / teen teachers)
• Administration (Media, Stewardship and Sales)
• MISSIONS (Evangelism team, Publicity team, FF Missions Outreach teams – Living your Dreams And Secure the Future Network)

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