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Rejoicing Into A New Day

Isaiah 54:1


Singing and barreness are two emotions; you can’t be barren and sing but God will never tell you to do something that is not possible. You need to speak to your spirit man because if is your spirit man that responds to him. The things that have beclouded you comes through your senses, it comes to suppress you and put you done but on the inside of you is your spirit man that communicates with God. There is a person living with your spirit; when your spirit has been regenerated, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you; as long as you allow him, he will break down those things you have taken from the world that stands against the knowledge of God.

The root word for singing is a creeking sound; that means anybody can sing, you don’t need to have a voice.

The word for barren means that the organs have been destroyed.

  • Singing will create a new season for you: Whatever you want to see in the nation in 10 years, write it in a song and start singing it now. Whenever you laugh, your internal defense system weakens so you must be. careful of the jokes listen to. For you to have a new season, whatsoever you wish to see, put it in a song and begin to sing it. Nothing happens in this kingdom until there is a declaration. You must sing to let the world know what you are about to step into. The only system that works in our country is God’s system because we have at one point used our mouths to castigate our nation.
  • Singing is a command: There is no reason to sing but we are under a command to do so. The tongue is like a rudder, very small but it controls how your destiny for you.
  •  Your praise builds a highway for the King to come in. What you sing and what you say is that you step in. You want to see God, sing.


Stop comparing yourself with people. There are people God has told them there is a certain lifestyle I want you to live, a lifestyle of austerity not that it is of the kingdom but for the place you are going to, if you don’t live this austere life there are some people you can’t minister to; there are people who have to live in a mansion because they will be hosting kings. Do you know that demons do not come at you because of your future but because of your past, for they don’t know your future. When you are singing they remind you of your past to shut up your mouth. Some people are even ashamed of their blessing even though they sang it for fear of what people will say; because there is a subtle philosophy that anybody progressing must be doing something bad or illegal,  so we use our mouth to talk down the blessings of God. May your mouth continually sing God’s blessing.

If the instruction is for the barren to sing then what about fruitful people. Isaiah 43 says God will do a new thing so, irrespective of what God has done before, do not be comfortable for he is set to do more.


Benson Akhigbe II

Lead Pastor.

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