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Restored fallopian tube

Melvina was diagnosed of damaged fallopian tubes roughly two years after her marriage. She took the test result to our lead Pastors who at that point encouraged her in the Lord through counsel and prayers. She was told by the doctors that she would not be able to birth a child of her own as a result of the damaged tubes. She was then told to undergo a minor surgery to verify if there were chances of her conceiving but she bluntly refused.  Inwardly, she had a strong conviction that God would do something. She didn’t give up on herself, her God and what she stood for. She sowed the money she was supposed to use for the surgery to the altar saying that she didn’t want the surgery.

After some time, she went back to do a test but was told that her blocked tubes were perfectly normal. Though, the result of her faith wasn’t instant, it did come to pass anyway. Mrs Melvina came to dedicate her baby girl.

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