Have you been led to fast or pray before?

If you don’t fast on your own, this is the time to keen into the 40 days fast and learn how to pray for yourself, family and nation.

Praying and fasting is not a punishment as a lot of us think.

Actually, they are avenues for us to develop intimacy and relationship with the father because he wants to talk to us. Some other times, because he has seen ahead, he calls us into a period of fast to prepare us for what is ahead.

Fasting isn’t just abstaining from food because one can abstain from food for other purpose like weight loss, health etc.  Real fast is actually abstaining from food and pleasures for spiritual purposes.

Too many a time, a lot of us abstain from food and pleasures quite alright but we don’t pray, study the word or meditate. Such exercise isn’t fasting; it is perfectly described as “hunger strike.” We get the best of fasting when we pray, study the word and meditate on God’s word.

For example, if you decided to fast from 6pm to 6am, you can choose any of the watches between these hours and pray with your family, meditate and study the word. There’s 6pm-9pm watch, 9pm-12am watch, 12am-3am watch and 3am-6am watch. Don’t just sleep throughout the night, choose a watch. You could go to bed on time for you to wake up early to observe any of the watches above.

Likewise, if you’re fasting between 6am – 6pm, no matter how busy your schedules are, create time to observe your bible study, prayer and meditation. It doesn’t have to time you hours; it could 10 minutes of quiet time or even 20 minutes. These are the watches: 6am -9am, 9am -12pm, 12pm – 3pm, and 3pm – 6pm.

Fasting disconnect us from the world and our flesh and connect us to Heaven and our spirit.

One of the major purposes of fasting is “self-humbling.” In our nation, pride is a major stronghold that has held a lot of us captive. Fasting is God ordained way for us to humble ourselves before him. It is shocking, but it’s the truth.

The first demonstration of evil on earth was actually pride. Once you can take pride out of your life, then you can pray. A person who doesn’t pray is prideful. Prayerlessness is the highest form of pride. We all need to be careful as we go about our everyday life. It was this same pride that made Lucifer lost its place in Heaven even though he was always in the presence of God.

When you pray, it simple means you’re summiting to God and acknowledging your weakness. Sometimes, our possessions, power and prestige can cause pride in us. However, we have to constantly remember ourselves that we aren’t the owner of ourselves and everything we have comes from God and it is to demonstrate who he is.

Pride is inflated and deflated opinion of one’s self.  It’s to call yourself what God doesn’t call you. In fasting, you afflict your flesh to ascend your spirit. Pride is the product of self will. Fasting is one of the ways we remove pride from our lives.

There’s something about our spirit, soul and body. God’s original order was for us to experience a perfect unity, alignment and connection in these areas. Whenever there’s sickness in our bodies, it means there’s an imbalance between our spirits, souls and bodies.  In fasting, our spirit subdues our flesh. Our soul is able to receive what our spirit is saying to be interpreted and manifested in the physical through our bodies.

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