It is evident that when we look at the things around us today we can easily conclude that we are faced with challenges that are beyond our control. You could want to quickly and easily go into survival mode because no one knows what tomorrow will bring.
However I think we should not forget that we can still get something beautiful out of tomorrow, because each day comes with its blessings. I remember a line in the Lord’s Prayer that says “give us this day our daily bread” it indicates hope and calls for expectation with a heart of joy. God’s plan for tomorrow is good and for that reason we should ride along with this thought that the best days are ahead. Romans 4:17 says “he calls things that be not as though they were”, personally I think we need to start doing that if you have not started already.
You know growing up my parents thought me that you should always wish family members and friends well. So whenever the thought of uncle B or Aunty C came up in our mind we would say things like I pray for aunty C to pass her exams, I pray that uncle B would travel abroad and get me new shoes on his way back, I am sure someone out there can relate to that. It only goes to show that, in built in us is a desire to see good things happen. So now we can stretch our faith as regards tomorrow, by saying the best things God says about us our neighbours, our city, and nation, cause yes tomorrow will be better. The bible says weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5) so that’s what we need to keep saying. Joy is coming things are going to get better our nation is going to be free from this pandemic. When? In the morning yes in the morning.

Just for the records, I have a testimony to this effect. I once misplaced my wallet containing original documents for an exam I was to write, which was just close as at that time. In my confusion I decided to pray about it, after a time in prayers I sensed l heard him say to me, you will find it. I was a little skeptical but I held on to that declaration and amazingly I found the wallet with all the documents intact just a few days to the exam.

I am not ignoring the facts that are before us, all the news that is daily in the air waves, but I would rather chase the fear and depression it brings with it, because I know he has good plans for us and its one that has a beautiful end (Jeremiah 29:11). That is the plain truth and word for the now, so today I will praise and rejoice as he says let everything that has breath praise him(Psalm 150:6), my friend put on you dancing shoes and dance to the lord, even as you declare his goodness for indeed tomorrow will better.

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