Here at Firm Foundation International, Worship stands as one of the purposes of our church and it plays a major role in our movement. Worship is our response to the love of the Father, it is how we express our hearts to God using our creative wiring.

Worship to us is a lifestyle so it has become imperative that we equip this generation on how to express it through all creative forms.Our main objectives here include; to ensure Jesus is glorified through our gifts, to lead the people to encounters with the Father and to Host God’s Presence every time we come together.

Adullam School of Worship is a part of our training system at Firm Foundation international. This is a platform where people called to the Sphere of Arts, Culture and Entertainment come together and get trained on the Cultures of the Kingdom.

This is important to us as scripture says we must do all we do as worship to God. This is a place for worship leaders, worship pastors, Song writers, Dancers, Actors and Actresses, Artists, and everyone called to the creative sphere.

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