Friends, you can never be all you have been created to be by God without been totally whole and free. This is why this is a very important topic, one you should please not skip over.
Gaps in the mother’s love; whether they are caused intentionally or unintentionally, can leave wounds in a child’s heart that can last a lifetime.
It has been proven that the thoughts and emotions of the mother can affect a child in her womb. That what the mother thinks, experiences and feels can influence the emotions of the baby inside her. At the moment of conception, a living spirit is created and there is a spirit to spirit communication between the mother and the child in the womb. Habitual thoughts can create a response in the child in the womb. A woman who has been addicted to cigarettes need only to think about smoking and the heartbeat of the baby will begin to rise. Studies reveal how children in the womb are affected by the environment of their mothers.

We need our mother’s love expressed and the father’s love to balance our masculinity and feminine sides. The mother’s expressed love is so important to a child’s development and ability to maintain healthy relationships with others, God and ourselves. So many people, even born-again, well-meaning, mature Christians can be handicapped in the area of love and intimacy because they never learnt to trust while on their mother’s breasts during the first two years of their lives.

I am known for my talks on relationships, but I never propose a fruitful relationship without teaching people to be healthy. That is why you can never be a prudent and fruitful person without first becoming healthy. If you are a mother and you were damaged, you cannot raise children without damaging them yourselves. And sadly, there are many people who have problems without knowing that they have one.

And here is my recommendation: an hour every Sunday in church or reading this book will not enough for us to go through the process of become truly whole and free and powerful. There will be an information at the end of this book to introduce you to our Inner Healing and Transformation Program and how you can benefit from the ministry that has set hundreds of people free.

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