Mrs Deji suddenly had a severe stomach pain few weeks before C4DP 2017 and her husband said to her that the pain would go down. A couple of days after her first complaint, the pain started again but at this time her husband advised her to go do a check-up. After the check-up, about three ailments were suspected and whatever the actual challenge was, a surgery was to be required. After much research, it was noted that the surgery had a 50-50 chance which really got them worried. After a while, the pain started again but this time, he summoned up courage to pray for her. But after the prayer, his wife screamed in a way she had never done. She even said the degree of the pain was twice as much as she felt initially. Though he was worried, he told her to try to go to bed. The next day, she felt totally fine as though nothing ever happened. She even went for a scan and she was confirmed normal. Till date, she has never experienced anything like pain in her stomach.
Linda deji ajai
Mr Ikenna said a little 10 years ago he came to Benin for the first time to write his Post UTME. In the space of one-year, God has been gracious to me he said. He gave me a beautiful wife and on Thursday he made me a daddy. We waited for over 40 weeks for the baby but my wife was becoming worried about the delays. So I took her to pastor Kay to calm her down. She told the baby play time was over that it was to come to planet earth. Pastor Kay asked us to see her in the next KEY OF DAVID. That night, my wife sat outside and was worried that the baby was 9 months and one week and the doctors said they would have to induce her. That evening, a revelation dropped in her spirit that “whenever people go visiting kings, they always go with gift.” So she held on to those words. At the next KEY OF DAVID we worshipped and met with Doc Gloria. Just the following morning at about 1am she gave birth to a baby boy.
ikenna ikpa
Peter Igbogo gave a testimony of a church member who is a doctor. The doctor was on duty. After giving a patient an injection, he had a loud sound as he turned in shock. Accidentally, the injection he used pierced his hand. He checked the medical records of the patient he gave the injection and the patient had HIV. He reported himself to the hospital. He was told to do HIV test periodically and was told to start taking antiretroviral drugs. He was worshiping in church one day and saw a vision of the Avalanche service and a voice said to him, take a look at the Avalanche oil, you have all the drugs you need. He went home and drank the whole bottle. He did not take the HIV drugs. After several tests, there was no trace of HIV in him.
peter igbogo
Mercy Amedu said 2 weeks ago she wanted to travel for a trip to Ghana and was looking for her passport but she couldn’t find it. It was few minutes to the time she needed to leave the house for the airport, she didn’t only find out her passport was missing, she also noticed that all her relevant documents were nowhere to be found. Her husband suggested getting a police report. It worried her. She was wondering if the report would bring back the documents. Afterwards, she made a simple prayer. In her prayer, she asked her angels to go search for the documents. Few days after, her sister said she saw an envelope in her bag with some documents in it. She ran to search her sister’s bag and discovered her missing passport and documents were there.
Mercy Amedu