UNBOUND (Inner Healing Conference)

The ministry to the inner man is not merely a tool to heal a few troubled individuals; it is a vital key to the transformation of the heart of every christian’

  • Paula Sanford

Sometimes our motive for praying, fasting, meditating or doing things for God is not because we love him but because unconsciously we are afraid we may not get anything from him if we do not do these things.

If you’re motive is anything other than love and compassion then it’s time to Unbound.

There are issues no one seems to be talking about; the issue of things boiling below the surface, things you might not even be aware of. Things below the surface that we might not be able to put a finger on.

Inner healing is an all encompassing phrase for the whole spectrum of healing that covers restoration of memories and emotions.

most times,you are hurt and wounded by the actions of those nearest to you, closest to you and those who love you

Unfortunately when people have been injured, they often have ungodly responses to the past hurts and memories. These ungodly responses are not really who you are,they are who you have become because of the things you have been through.

You can actually live out who you are created to be without resorting to coping techniques. There are godly corrections to hurts and painful memories.

DATE: 5th – 7th August, 2022TIME: 5th & 6th, 4pm; 7th, 9amVENUE: 5, Oregbeni Crescent,Off Aideyan street, Off Ihama road, GRA, Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria

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