In 2021, young people from all over the City of Benin  gathered for 3 Red Bags an event hosted by Benson and Kay Benson Akhigbe, Senior Leaders of Firm Foundation. The 3 Red Bags was a graphical expression of the bag the son carried in Isaiah 9:6 and which every young person should carry.
The following year, the 3 Red Bags was hosted for the first time under the umbrella of the Unbroken Conference.
Now in its third year, the vision of the Unbroken Conference remains the same; to equip a generation with the Bag of Identity, Responsibility and Character. In this conference, we deal with the Inhibitions, scars and hidden resentments embedded in our human spirit so that we can experience wholeness and live a life of freedom and Faith.
Join us in this journey. Let us let go of the places we are stuck and experience the freedom that Christ gives.