What to expect during a session

  1. The ministry team attending to you is made up of 2-3 persons. One will lead the session while the other two are prayer and prophetic intercessors. This is important because Jesus gave his disciples assignments in twos (Mark 6:7) and the power of agreement between two or more people (Matthew 18:19 – 20). This also protects us as practitioners and you, the client from misunderstandings.
  • The entire session is private and strictly confidential. We would like your anonymous testimony to encourage others faith, the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
  • We would seek the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us revelation knowledge during the session. We cannot do anything apart from God (John 15:15) and this is our belief.
  • All sessions last between two to four hours and we plead with you to respect this time and keep to it punctually. If we are not able to finish a session, we will usually reschedule, sometimes we might have to extend the ministry to deliverance if need be.
  • The session time is yours. Kindly do not use the time to confess the sins of others. You will never find healing by exposing the sin of another. James 5:16 says confess your sins one to another, that you might be healed.
  • After the deliverance session, we will place you on an aftercare program which will last for 6-8 weeks. Learning experiences such as readings and audio reviews will be assigned. You are expected to participate in an on-line or onsite discussions with a group of other believers as well as other appropriate activities

. On completion, you will  be ready for an activation program, the aftercare is the most important part of your program kindly note that the enemy will do all to stop you, give him no space

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